Ford Super Duty Torque Specifications

2000 Ford F250 Torque Specifications

These are torque values for a 2000 Ford truck. Most will be applicable to model years 1999-2003.

Description Torque Specification Socket Size
Brakes, disc, front brake caliper pin bolts (2) 42 lb/ft  
Brakes, disc, rear brake caliper pin bolts (2) 27 lb/ft 12mm
Brakes, front disc brake caliper anchor plate bolts (2) 225 Nm (166 lb/ft)  
Brakes, rear disc brake caliper anchor plate bolts (2) 173 Nm (128 lb/ft)  
Brakes, Caliper Bleeder Screw 13-18  
Crossmember Bolts 70 Nm  
Driveshaft to transfer case bolts 111 Nm  
Flex Plate Inspection Cover 20 Nm  
Glow Plugs 14 foot pounds, 168 inch pounds 10mm
Master Cylinder Outlet Tube Fittings 19  
Shock Absorber (front lower) 103 Nm (76 lb/ft)  
Shock Absorber (front upper) 103 Nm (76 lb/ft)  
Shock Absorber (rear lower) 62 Nm (46 lb/ft)  
Shock Absorber (rear upper) 62 Nm (46 lb/ft)  
Stabilizer Bar Link Bolts 115 NM (85 lb/ft)  
Starter Mounting Bolts 22-28 Nm  
Thermostat Housing 20-30 Nm  
Tie Rod End -Inner, castellated nut 90 Nm  
Tie Rod End -Inner, Sleeve Clamp Bolts 55 Nm  
Torque Converter Drain Plug 12 Nm  
torque converter retaining nuts 35 Nm  
Transfer Case Bolts 31 Nm  
Transfer Case, fill/drain plugs 27 Nm  
Transmission Filler tube bolt 10-13 Nm  
transmission fluid cooler tubes to cooler bypass valve 27 Nm  
Transmission mount-to-crossmember nuts 94 Nm  
Transmission, Auto, Drain Plug 25 Nm  
Transmission, Auto, Pan Bolts (20) 15 Nm (11 lb-ft)  
transmission-to-engine bolts 61 Nm  
Valve Cover Bolts 8.17 foot pounds, 98 inch pounds 13mm
Valve Cover Breather Screws 7.42 foot pounds, 89 inch pounds Phillips #2
Water Pump Bolts 18 lb/ft  
Water Pump Pulley bolts (4) 18 lb/ft  
Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly Nuts (4) 135 lb/ft 21 mm
Wheel Nuts, Loaded 224 Nm (165 lb/ft) 21 mm
Wheel Nuts, Unloaded 210 Nm (155 lb/ft) 21 mm


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