Ford Super Duty Maintenance Information

This information is specifically for model year 2000, but should be accurate for model years 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

This page will be expanded as time permits.


Engine Oil (Powerstroke Diesel)

Interval: It depends on year and operating conditions. See your manual.

Type: 15W40 Diesel Rated Oil,

Ford Specification: WSS-M2C171-C

API Specification: CH-4/SJ/SH

Quantity: 15 Quarts; 13 quarts in the oil pan and 2 in the filter.

Filter: Motorcraft FL1995

This question gets asked a lot. What is the thread size of the oil drain plug? The answers is the thread size for the oil drain plug on a 7.3L Powerstoke is M14 x 1.25 x 21.

Click here for my write-up on how to change the oil.

Click here for more information on motor oil requirements.

Fuel Filter

Interval: 15,000 miles

Filter: Motorcraft FD-4596 (no lid, like stock)

Click here for my write-up on how to replace the fuel filter on a 7.3l Powerstroke

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Interval: 30,000 miles

Type: Formerly Mercon, now Mercon V (yes Ford says this is now ok)

Quantity: 16.7L (17.7 quarts)


Click here to find out how to do a flush and refill of a 4R100 automatic transmission.

Transfer Case

Interval: 60,000 miles

Transfer Case Fluid (Motorcrat part number XL-12, specification number ESP-M2C166-H

Quantity: 1.9L (2.0 quarts)

Power Steering

Type: Formerly Mercon, now Mercon V (yes Ford says this is now ok)

Quantity: Roughly a couple of quarts. Fill to reservoir line.

Click here to find out how to flush the power steering system.

Front Differential  F-250/350 Dana 50 axle

Type: Motorcraft SAE 75W-90 Premium 4x4 Front Axle Lubricant

Quantity: 1.8L (3.8 pints)

Rear Differential F-250/350 (10.50 inch axle)

Type: Motorcraft SAE 75W-140 Synthetic Rear Axle Lubricant

Quantity: 3.3L (6.9 pints)

Note: If you have a limited slip rear differential you also need 8 ounces of "Additive Friction Modifier C8AZ-19B546-A". If you use Royal Purple 75W-140 axle lube, the modifier is not needed.


Type: High Performance DOT 3


Type: It depends on the year. The truck came with Gold or Green Coolant. See your manual for SCA requirements!!

Quantity: 32.75 Quarts

Click here to find out how to do a coolant flush and refill on a 7.3L Powerstroke.

Wiper Fluid

Quantity: 4.0L (4.25 quarts)

Lamps/Light Bulbs

Lamps/Ligh Bulbs Webpage


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