Synthetic Versus Conventional Oil

I used this spread sheet to decide that Shell Rotella 5W40 Synthetic was an economical choice to use in my truck. Because of my driving conditions my owners manual indicates that I should change my oil every 3,000 miles. I believe that I can very safely run the synthetic 5,000 miles and my oil analysis bears this out. If you view the spread sheet below you will see that I actually save a couple of dollars annually by switching from dino to synthetic and going from 3 to 5 thousand mile oil change intervals. I do run a bypass but I suspect that the results would be the same with oem filtration. I believe that I get all the benefits of synthetic oil without any additional cost.

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The issue of extended oil drains seems to excite folks on both sides of the issue. I am neither for or against extended oil drains. I do not run extended oil drains myself (unless one considers 5k an extended oil drain) but if I was going to consider extended oil drains this spread sheet would be how I would measured the cost benefit. I feel that extended oil drains are not worth the risk considering the relative cost of a tank full of diesel compared to changing my oil twice a year. To each his own though...

The Frantz setup I have cost $200 and they last decades so it should be the last one I ever need. I will move it from truck to truck to truck as I get new vehicles. I figure I will be willing/able to use it for the next 30-35 years. If I use it for 30 years and spread the cost over that period, it will cost me $6.67 per year to own. Now for the operational expenses. I change the TP every 5k and drive 12k per year. I buy the "expensive" TP from wefilterit for $1.56 per roll. I use 2.5 rolls per year, which means the "filters" cost me $3.90 annually. Of course I do use a little more oil due to what the bypass holds (about a quart per oci) so I use 2.5 extra quarts per year at $4.00 (Rotella syn and yes I know I am wasting money on the syn ) per quart. So extra oil usage costs $10 annually. Now if we total this up the bypass filter costs me $20.57 per year to own and operate. Another way to look at it would be that it costs me the same as 6 gallons of diesel or 1/6 of a tank of diesel on an annual basis. The bypass does have a cost but hardly impractical. I would imagine that over a period of 30 years the Frantz will save me quite a bit of wear. I would also imagine that the wear the bypass prevents will translate into tangible benefits. Now I know that it will be impossible to prove the derived benefits but I do not doubt that they will be there. I know it is heresy to run a bypass without running extended oil drains but I think it makes perfect sense. I pay $20.57 annually to own/operate the bypass and decrease wear. I also have my oil analyzed every oil change and the results are great.


(Feel free to plug in your own numbers.)

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If you cannot view the interactive spread sheet click here  for a non-interactive version.


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