Ford Super Duty Commander Gauges

Quadzilla Commander Monitor

I like the idea of my Quadzilla Commander. I can monitor six parameters, egt, trans temp, boost, oil temp, fuel pressure, and ICP. You can only display 4 parameters at once (I wish you could display all six), but you can set warning levels for all 6 parameters. It also records minimum and maximums for each of the parameters. I also like that it is one "gauge" and the price is pretty good. The only thing I do not like about the unit is the fuel pressure gauge, as I have found it to be unstable. I have searched various forums, and observed where others have complained of erratic fuel pressure readings. I am not sure how Ford centric Quadzilla is.


Due to fuel pressure gauge problems and a nagging suspicion that boost is not read properly, I would not go with the Quadzilla Commander if I had it to do over. I would go with more traditional gauges. In fact, I will likely replace the Commander before too long. EGTs and trans temp works flawlessly though so I may use it for that.

Here is the monitor.

Quadzilla Commander Monitor


Here is where I installed the monitor. It would probably be better installed on the dash or Quadzilla sells a pillar mount. The reason I installed it below the dash was because thieves tend not to steal what they don't see. The angle that I installed it looks strange in the photo but it looks great in my truck and is very easy to see. It is directly in my line of sight. Right now it is just attached with 3M mounting tape. I will screw it down later.

Quadzilla Commander Installed

EGT gauge thermocouple location. Drivers side exhaust manifold.

egt thermocouple, probe installed on exhaust manifold

Transmission temperature sender location.

temperture probe installed in transmission


Quadzilla fuel pressure sending unit. My install is as follows: Fuel filter bowl-> 1/8"FPT X SAE 7/16-20 O-ring boss adapter-> 1/8" X close brass nipple-> 1/8" F X F brass elbow-> sending unit. Total pipe run about 1.25" long. First 3 threads of all joints were left un-taped to facilitate ground connection. Note that I have been unable to get stable readings with the fuel pressure gauge (the pressure reading bounces around). I verified that I have stable fuel pressure with an analog gauge temporarily connected to the fuel bowl. Also note that the sender shown in the photo here is for a Dodge, it was incorrectly sent to me when I made the purchase. The new one for my Powerstroke is green in color.

quadzilla fuel sender mounted on fuel bowl


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